Strandkorb (from German, lit. meaning”beach basket”; English: “hooded beach chair” or “beach lounge basket”

is a special hooded windbreak seating furniture used at vacation and seaside resorts, constructed from real wicker or rattan, wood panels and canvas, usually seating up to two people, with reclining backrests.

It was designed to provide comfort seating and shelter from wind, rain, sand gusts and sunburn on beach seafront resorts frequented by tourists.

Other built-in details, like extendable footrests, sun awning, side folding tables and storage space, provide the user with several comforts.

Strandkörbe are found at nearly all beach seafront resorts of the North Sea and Baltic Sea in Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern as well as other beach seafronts where sudden fluctuations in adverse weather conditions and wind gusts can prevail.

The Strandkorb is considered a cult object of German “Gemütlichkeit”
Meaning homey and cosy. It also connotes comfort, pleasure, safety and privacy.

The Strandkorb has survived two world wars, social and industrial revolutions and the East-West divide of Germany.

From spring to autumn, they can usually be rented from beach-chair wardens (German Strandkorbwärtern). However, many Germans who live in other regions don’t want to do without this comfortable, cosy seating furniture.

They get one for their yard, patio, porch, balcony, winter garden and even living room. We’ve also seen this unique furniture in coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, resorts, at wineries, golf courses, weddings, events, soccer arenas and ski lodges in the Alps.  

When I migrated from Germany to Australia I began missing my Strandkorb this is why we would like to introduce this German cult object to you.

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The Strandkorb beach basket was invented in 1882 by German basket maker Wilhelm Bartelmann in Rostock, originally for his customer Elfriede Maltzahn, who suffered from rheumatism and had requested in his workshop a "seating accommodation for the beach that would provide shelter from the sun and wind".

Strandkörbe Beach Lounge Baskets

They are an amazing combination of functionality and luxury!

You can sit or lay down in this comfy chair. The beach lounge basket can be reclined to 4 x different settings which gives you the ultimate comfort whether you want to sit down with your favourite magazine, enjoy the sunshine or have a lazy afternoon nap. It offers a great option to be sun smart in style.

We offer them as 1-seater and 2-seater. The neck rests make sure that your head is positioned nicely on the top basket. For even more comfort, pull out the footrests in front. The two foldable side tables ensure that you have beverages and foods in short reach. For additional storage, you can use the 4 newspaper pockets (2 on each side). Weather-proofed upholstery, sun awning and the use of durable, treated fir wood and rattan protects against wind, sun, rain or even gusts of sand. It comes with an attractive light grey rain/dust cover.